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fiery retainers by zumbooruk fiery retainers by zumbooruk
fiery retainers in the service of their bronze-cast liege.

this is based on soulspit's fractal Bronze Gates --> [link]

there is plenty wrong with this, but Photoshop crashed twice while I was working on it and I've had enough of it.

toby, if you've anything to add, go right ahead. i can provide you with the fullsize image if that helps. :)
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soulspit Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
hey, at first sight this is awesome, but i have mixed feelings. i also like it so much that i want it to be perfect.
the floor is gorgeous, simple but essential, i think, and so is the low wall receding into the background.
the retainers are also perfect, with their ambiguous, fiery heads.
the jagged, lightning shapes at the front of the throne i like too.
the rest i don't like.
maybe it's too loyal to the fractal? the rest is so cool that the center disappoints, because the bronze cast liege is not impressive. some parts of the throne are cool (although the coiled bit behind seems weird, unlike the flames on the retainers' heads which are perfect) but even though i appreciate the mystical darkness in which the liege resides, it's not scary or imposing. are those claws? that's cool. maybe mainly it's just that the head is too low, so he seems like a midget. or maybe the lowness is fine, it's just the shape of his head doesn't do it for me. i can't quite figure it out.

my favorite thing about this is that it strikes me as an evil version of the emperor in warhammer 40k. not chaos, because, it's not chaotic, demonic, or overwhelmingly evil - it has the grand, clean, ceremonial style of the imperium, but it's just sinister.

i also wish it was bigger, maybe with more space, so that it echoes more. (more floor, more distance in the sides, more almost emptiness up top).

i don't know if you have any intention to work on this more, but i like it a lot a lot, and wish you would. (there isn't really anything i can do with it, i think, because i can only manipulate, not draw.) i think this could be really impressive. i hope you like it.

lastly, i think the wooden staffs, which is what they look like, could be more imposing, too, whether they become weapons or are just more metallic or ornamental.

please work on it more! the more i look at it, the more i want it to be on the cover of a book or a magazine or a codex (do they still call them codexes?) this is the longest comment i have ever left.
zumbooruk Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008
Hmmmm. Somehow I missed this comment before. I'm glad you like it and I agree with all that you have said. I worked on the center of the piece a couple of times and I lost it due to crashes, so I got fed up with it. But I never had any good ideas for it anyway.

If I were to go back and work on it more, I would spend a while thinking hard about what to put there. Obviously, it needs to be impressive - more impressive than the retainers and everything else in the surroundings.

I was never satisfied with their staffs, either. I guess I got lazy on that one.
soulspit Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2009
crashes? big nasty crashes that made you lose all your data so you no longer have the original at all? or just individual crashes that interrupted your work? if you still have the full size version, could you send it to me please? i kind of want big versions of the retainers.
zumbooruk Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009
They were small crashes that made me lose everything after my last save. My computer used to crash all the time as I started working with larger images. It couldn't keep up with my painting on the tablet. I fixed the problem by installing more RAM in my laptop. I started out with 512 MB and increased it to 2 GB. I have no trouble anymore.

I'm about to send you an email, so I'll attach the fullsize image. It's quite big, which is always good. I'm thinking of having a go at replacing their staffs. You could do it if you want.
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August 16, 2008
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